Car Accessories to Keep Your Vehicle Running at Peak Performance Levels

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Published: 09th July 2012
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Most of us love our automobiles. They give us the freedom to go wherever we need to go whenever we want to go somewhere. Many of us take pride in our cars and try to keep them looking and running at peak performance. There are many auto accessories that can help us achieve this goal. One of the auto accessories that many people will add to their car is a set of custom wheels. There are so many different custom wheels on the market it will be no trouble finding a set that will make your car look better.

Another of the many auto accessories that people will add to their car is lighting. There are many ways of adding lighting to your car, and lights will make your car stand out in a crowd. One of the newest, lightning options are the strips of LED lights that can added in any design you desire around the headlights of your car. These lights give your car the "Euro" look and feel made popular by many of the European manufactured cars.

Another great way of adding lights to your car are to add lights under the car. These types of lights come in a wide range of colors and are great for adding a unique look to your car.

Another of the auto accessories that are used by many people are rear-deck spoilers and other body kits. There are many spoilers and body kits available that can make your car look like it is moving even when it is setting still. Along with body kits, many people will add all sorts of different decals and other body art to their vehicles.

Maybe the most important part of the car is the exhaust system. Car exhaust systems are important in dissipating gases from the car, due to its engine operation. In order for the car to run, air and fuel is burned in the combustion chamber, emitting six different harmful gases. These emissions contain nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen monoxide. The car exhaust system does the job of removing these harmful gases and allowing the vehicle to be safe for the passengers and also for the environment. The exhaust system negates the noise due to combustion, and helps the car in attaining maximum fuel efficiency.

The exhaust system is designed very carefully with a series of pipes and chambers, which start at the engine and end at the back of the car with a pipe. The air pump in the car forces the air into the exhaust area. The oxygen helps in burning any unburned fuel. All this process turns the carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide. The air pump works with the help of a belt, which is connected to an engine.

Most cars have one exhaust system. Vehicles with eight cylinder engines have two exhaust systems (for the right and left cylinders). Both the exhaust systems should work efficiently.

A typical Carid exhaust system consists of five main parts. They are the exhaust manifold, oxygen sensor, exhaust pipes, catalytic convertor, and muffler. The exhaust manifold burns left over fuel not properly burned in the engine. The oxygen sensor sends oxygen level indicators to the car computer. The exhaust pipes carry the exhaust through the entire system. The catalytic convertor makes the exhaust gases safe for the environment. The muffler works as a silencer by cutting the loud noises caused due to combustion.

Rust and corrosion can be the biggest problems to the exhaust systems. They can also leak due to cracks by normal usage. Fume smells are a concern for the health of exhaust systems. Noises can be due to problem in the muffler, and may need replacement. Regular oiling and checks from a mechanic can help in improving the performance of the exhaust systems, and save a lot of money. Exhaust systems are a crucial component in a car and its safety and servicing is very important to take care of any future issues.

There are many places to get auto accessories but usually specialty shops will have the biggest selection of the best stuff. For those that live in rural areas, and do not have many choices of stores the internet may be the best place to find your auto accessories.

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